What PH's or AAS limit the chance of aggravating BPH?

  1. What PH's or AAS limit the chance of aggravating BPH?

    I have a BPH problem, it is currently getting better and I was wondering if you guy can help me out and answer some questions. I am anxious to get back on a light cycle and was wondering which PH or AAS would be the safest for my situation. I am currently taking FLOMAX, Bell Tea, saw palmetto, pygeum, beta-sitsterol, and selenium and it is working. I do want to aggravate the issue and I know some cycle can aggravate much more then others. I was thinking something that does not convert to DHT, maybe 4 -AD. Can you please give me a few options and maybe a couple compunds that I can stack together.Do you need any other information from me, thanks for your time, Brothers!

  2. Bump, Help me out brothers, Any Suggestions????

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