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Furazadrol feels like ECA....but worse...

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    Furazadrol feels like ECA....but worse...

    By Axis Labs....started 300mg yesterday and felt jittery and anxious like I do when taking ECA, except theres no energy....

    Hard to explain but I feel like sh!t, anyways.

    I was stacking it with H-drol, and after my 100mg dose this morning, I quit the furazadrol and am just sticking with the H-drol, and so far I'm feeling better-ish. I drank a lo-carb Monster at lunch and felt worse, and that's never happened when on epistane, m-drol, or p-plex. So I think furazadrol sucks.

    Does this sound common?
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

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    I posted the same thing here. It's like it's dosed with caffeine!!!! Axis labs should be held accountable!!
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    this is a common side that many guys get from gear. that being said i do remember reading that there were some probs with this companies furaz a while back.

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    a friend of mine took some here in the UK and felt exactly the same ;do a search on AM you find others had issues with it.

    CEL do a similar product but if it comes from the same source , you might get the same problem -just guessing.

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