Liver Values ON vs PCT

  1. Liver Values ON vs PCT

    Just wondering what you guys denote as dangerous...

    I've had very successful havoc runs in my past.

    2 years ago, I decided to embark on pplex-m-drol bridge.

    Pplex sucked and did absolutely nothing for me. I ran up to 5/day. In week 3 I switched over to M-drol for 7 days.

    Day 7 I quit from some anxiety, stress, and insomnia. My body just did not like these compounds.

    I had a blood test the next day, While "ON"

    ALT - 600's
    AST- 500's
    Alk Phosphate - normal
    Bilirubin - normal

    So the doctors freaked out....ultrasound, blood tests out the ass, special diet etc..

    10 days later

    ALT - 200's
    AST - 200's

    2 week after that

    ALT - low normal
    AST - low normal

    So, my 1st test was 4th week on-cycle. The last test was 4 weeks into PCT. The difference between the two tests are rediculous.

    So....whats the conclusion????

    Was it unusual that my values were so high? Was I experience liver damage? I didnt feel any symptoms of liver problems...

    99% of people check themselves after maybe its normal to have high levels during cycle.

  2. What supports were u using?

  3. Interesting... Wow hopefully somelse got checked on cycle and can chime in. Thanks for the info.

  4. Nac while on cycle will help keep numbers from skyrocketing

  5. Quote Originally Posted by texastweeter View Post
    Nac while on cycle will help keep numbers from skyrocketing
    I just find that hard to believe.

    I was taking milk thistle extract twice daily.

    I know NAC helps, but look how high those numbers went.

  6. Oh i agree, i didnt say that they kept them out of the abnormal range, but that they help. NAC is what the er even pumps you full of if you od on a methalated compound such as tylenol


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