Fake or Legit Anavar?

  1. Fake or Legit Anavar?

    Trying some Anavar capsules, they're clear coated with pink powder inside.

    The brand name is "Zeus"
    It says RX only, Oxandrolone. 20mg.
    There's a big 50 on it too(The number of capsules I'm guessing)
    The package is metallic coated.

    Fake or not?

  2. Well, it didn't kill me.

  3. I've never heard of Var like that, but who knows. You should post pics, and then also google to see if anyone else has the same kind and if it was legit.

    Until you know for sure I'd stop putting it in your body.

  4. Probably made in greece and its gonna be hard to tell unless you take it.

    Id put up a pic of them too

  5. Quote Originally Posted by EatMeat View Post
    Probably made in greece and its gonna be hard to tell unless you take it.

    Id put up a pic of them too
    My cousin says he gets it from a Doctor who gets it from China. He says it's underground so that might be why there's no matches on google. Ya if I can get my hands on a camera Ill put up some pics...

    I had an appetite loss for the first few days but I got it back. Didn't get any gains yet though...just lost fat and gained water...my cousin said to finish my cycle...

  6. yea im thinking "just finish the cycle" isnt the best advice. check google as stated above. i should make this my motto because this is the second time ive said it but if you cant trust your source dont take it.

    i will say its pretty normal to be doubtful about gear. i literally convinced myself gear i had was fake the first time i bought some. if you plan on taking it at least go get your free test levels checked for some peace of mind.

  7. im always sceptical about anything until the point where something noticable starts to happen where you cant deny that something unnatural is happening to your body.

    the best is to find friends that are all roided out and see where they get their stuff, and buy stuff from a source that they have already used, that way you know what youre gonna get.


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