Recommended Starting Dosage of M1T?

  1. Recommended Starting Dosage of M1T?

    Sorry if this has been brought up before, when I searched for it I got too many results and almost all of them were of people running 15-30+ mgs of M1T. Anyway I thought I heard before that 5 mg ED was the beginning recommended dosage, so that's what I was planning on running for a 4 week cycle (I wanted to see how well I could do with just 5 mg). When I read the (Underground Labs) bottle though it said to take 1 tablet twice a day, meaning 10 mg ED; did I misunderstand before about 5 mg ED being enough? Or did the minimum recommended amount change? Is 5 mg too week to see results?

  2. The doses all depends on the users level of tolerance, and experience. The recommended dosage on the bottles have always been 10mg's ed. But, I believe one can get good gains from 5mg's ed, then bump it to 10mg's for future cycles. The key here is patience, which seems like a lot of people don't have. At 5mg's ed, your chances of experiencing side affects will also be diminished.

    Some people just don't get anything from M1T, while others see results. I'm a firm believer in starting at a low dose, then work your way up from cycle-to-cycle. This gives you a good look at what is working, and what is not. make sure to pay attention to what your body is telling you while using compounds such as M1T and you should do fine.

    Hope this info helps.

  3. start with 5mg the first week, then 10 the second. I got 15lb's in 2 weeks like that.

    I'm 225lbs!! you should feel 5, if not go to 10.

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