expired ph??

  1. expired ph??

    would it be ok to use a few bottles of furaguno a year past the expiration date, as im about to hop on a deal @ 19.99 a bottle.

  2. they should be good if they were stored right,if any thing they might have lost some of the strength.i say run em.there is also many logs on this subject.

  3. I've got some of that very product you're speaking about. I some last october and it worked just fine. It may be a lil weaker by now, but it's still gonna work. Jump on it. There's also some clomadrol 50 still out there too. It's 50mg and 90 caps for like 37.99. It's the best deal I've seen on the compound
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  4. svt cobra
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    A Pharmaceutical rep told me (talking about scripts in general) that the exp date has more to do with liability and continued replacement than loss of potency. Of course everything eventually expires, but without direct sunlight, EXTREME heat, moisture, etc. They will actually last a very long time. FYI

  5. If stored in a cool, dry, and dark environment, I have read that they can remain viable for up to five years past expiration.



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