First timer...need help

  1. First timer...need help

    Hi, I am 5'11 170 but and im looking to gain lean mass. I will be taking Hemadrol for 30 days at 1 pill a day.

    Followed by this PCT.

    Inhibit-E by SNS
    Reduce XT by SNS
    Organic Milk Thistle
    Tribulus Terrestris

    I was wondering if this was a good PCT, also wondering If i could afford to take anything else that is cheaper. Because i am on a budget at the moment.

    Also I am wondering why people take both hemadrol and Propodol for the cycle. What are the added benefits in taking propodrol.

  2. Milk Thistle is for liver protection while on cycle....pre load it 1 week in advance 1000mg/day and run through on cycle. Cycle assist and Cycle support include hawthorn berry that will aid in blood pressure....CA can be had with Inhibit E right here at Nutra Planet as a combo...

    Novedex XT is another AI/nat.test booster....

    If you feel a need to add more of a natural T booster...I suggest Tongkat Ali 1:50 extract vs can be had for $35 a bottle of [email protected]/each...800mg/day will get you going two weeks @800mg 5 on/3 off I'm 3x more aggressive than while on 75mg halodrol...and you'll know the boys are back...PM me if you need a link...

  3. Lemme be the first to jump in and scream "REAL Nolva PCT!". Or Clomid, some people are partial to one or the other for various medical reasons, Nolva seems to treat me right though.

    Add in some Nettle root, I3C, and ZMA in PCT for more testicle/prostate coverage/hormone coverage.

    Preload some CoQ10 along with what's already been suggested.

    That's just a start, I'm sure someone else here will start filling in the blanks. That and I havn't taken into account what's possibly already in the stuff you've already listed.

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