Summer cutting cycle - tren e, hdrol, winny

  1. Summer cutting cycle - tren e, hdrol, winny

    I am on HRT 200 mg cyp a week so will be on that throughout. Here is what i was thinking: Tren E - 400 mg a week, wks 1-10.
    Either oral turinabol or turinabol LV from PP - 100 mg weeks 1-6
    Winstrol - weeks 6-10 - 50 - 75 mgs, depending on how it goes

    How much better is OT than halodrol? i already have the halodrol but i am just wondering if spending the extra money on the OT would be worth it because I have heard halodrol is not too far behind it. Suggestions, feedback?

    I'll be running liver support plus all the regular support supps throughout

  2. 10 weeks of methyls?....

  3. Ok, maybe not then... what could i substitute for the hdrol/tbol...i want to keep the winny in

  4. considering ur doing 10 weeks of the tren and on HRT, id do:

    Tren E 400mg/week 1-10
    Tbol 50mg 1-4
    Winstrol 50mg 8-12

    just to give ur liver a little break

  5. perfect... thanks bro

  6. your on test... just diet and cardio and run the tren and winny.. backload the winny cause i think tren has a half life of at least a couple of weeks so run the winny weeks 8-12
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  7. damn i didnt even see nos' post lol
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.


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