Pro's & Con's using m1t during combine prep

  1. Pro's & Con's using m1t during combine prep

    I have a combine may 15th and i will be tested on 40 yard dash bench press reps of 150 and long jump. I was thinking of doing an m1t cycle starting tomorw and going right through the combine. This will make it so I will be exactly 2 weeks in when i do the combine and hopefully at my peak strength. There are some questions tho. Because I will be on m1t I will be training hard right upto the day of the combine wiht little or no rest. Also I am doing sprints every day and im worried about cramping up really BAD. ALL opinions and help is great. Thanks a lot guys.


    you will run alot slower on the 40-dash due to the crazy pumps you get on M1T. i wouldn't reccommend doing anything at all before the combine to possibly have an adverse reaction and screw up your chances of what ever it is your trying to do.

    HOWEVER, if your determined to take something for strength, i would take M5AA. it gives strength gains comparable to m1t with less sides IMHO. watch out for the DHT though, it can accelerate MPB

  3. Personally, I would hold off on your cycle as chasec suggested. Your performance may be hindered by the "pumps" you may get from the M1T, and you may also suffer from the dreaded back cramps.

    Good luck to you with whatever you decide.

  4. m5aa is your only choice here

  5. I wouldn't take anything. When I played basketball games on during my 1-T/4-AD cycle, the pumps got to my legs really bad. It felt like I was running up and down the court with cement blocks on my feet. It was difficult to run, jump, move quickly etc.

  6. Like the others have already said. Don't do it. M1T is pretty much the worst thing you could use and expect to run decently.

  7. Does anyone know how M4OHN would be for something like this? Are the strength gains comparable to M5AA, and will it impact running much?


  8. If you have never used M1T, then don't chance it. However some, like myself, don't get the crazy back pumps. I was on a cycle during a benching contest, 110% of your weight, for the highest amount of reps, and I believe it helped me. I also did some jogging on it and it didn't bother me.

  9. hmmm i have used it and the back pumps were not TERRIBLE but they were noticable...i had no other sides...You guys really think it would effect a 40 yard sprint that much?

  10. Yep!

    Leg and calf pumps can be absolutely brutal on M1T. I was sidelined from just 10 minutes on the darn treadmill..even my feet were pumped.

    If you're determined to use, use something mild like 4AD or 1,4 AD. These used stand alone generally improve my endurance, energy levels and recovery ability. Keep the dosages moderate and take a bit of nolva or clomid (if bloating occurs)to keep the water off as you don't want that slowing you down.

    As others have stated 5AA or M5AA is also a good choice.

  11. at 19, just say natural for now - my opinion.

  12. Curious to what level and division your combine numbers are being judged for. I know college (division 1A and 1AA) and professional both require urinalysis test before and/or during an official recorded meet.

    Be careful cause if you test positive your done for a while.


  13. There are schools from the whole east coast. Syracuse, BC, Umass,Maine,Northeastern, UNH, URI, etc etc are some of the 1a and 1aa's there are tons of d3 schools there also. Since this is a private combine there are no tests. Good catch tho that woulda been terrible.

  14. Good luck whatever you do...and if you get your choice, come to BC. You won't regret it.

    I agree with the M5AA comments.

  15. You should be fine. I am using 15mg of M1T ed and run 6 miles/day 4x/wk. No problems here.

  16. Good luck whatever you do...and if you get your choice, come to BC. You won't regret it.
    BC is a great school. I did grad. school at Northeastern, and God knows Boston is a great place to go to school and have fun.

  17. I play basketball, tourneyments, and weight training. Currently on new cycle of M1T, 3 previous cylces completed of 2on 2off 2on. First cycle, the leg pumps seemed over bearing, later cycles my body seemed to have gotten used of the running/lifting. My strength levels are outstanding compared to beginning. No longer get back aches and legs are fine after games or workouts. Quicker recovery while on. Good luck on your personal endeavors. Peace.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Scottyo
    Good luck whatever you do...and if you get your choice, come to BC. You won't regret it.

    I agree with the M5AA comments.

    BC is a fun time, I use to hang out there all the time a few years ago. I go to Northeastern, not a bad place. Either way, Boston overall is awesome. You'd like it here.

  19. you get tested on 150 lbs bench ? for division ranked schools? crasy, m1t-one bad idea. do your plyos.


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