reliability of china.

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    reliability of china.

    How safe do you guys think it is to order powders from China nowadays? I'd be ordering a small amount and last time, almost a year ago, my package was searched but let through anyway. It was probably around 40g total.

  2. If the product is packed well then chances are it will get thru.

  3. I have to agree with size..

  4. did any one try ordering before or is it just speculation?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by x_muscle
    did any one try ordering before or is it just speculation?
    Where do you think 98% of the powder comes from?

  6. Mine came through fine. Both times.

  7. China is cool.

  8. China is the only way to go, better than domestic.......
    The chinese have a thing for quality in my opinion...
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    Cool, making me feel much better. I just hope the pack it better this time. I guess ive always been paranoid that they were waiting for my next order, since they searched my last and let it was only $100 worth though....

  10. I know a guy that ordered for awhile and ended up getting busted. Be careful.

  11. I will give some info on what I learned from a Customs agent I used to speak with on occasion. He told me that known places that distribute aas's from out of the country are red flagged in their system. From time-to-time they will randomly search packages from these places. Larger packages are searched more often than small. If a small quantity of aas's are discovered, they will document the incident, and most of the time let it go through (depends on the quantity). If a person (or destination) has received 3-4 shipments over a period of time (unknown how long of a period), they will make an inquiry with whatever local law enforcement agency the location/person is in. Sometimes they pay a visit, sometimes they don't. It all depends on their case load at the time, the amounts of aas's they are dealing with, or if their admin wants a "crack down" and make some "examples" out of the purchaser so it can be advertised in the news.

    If you are getting aas's from another country, you can almost be assured the place is red flagged. It's just a game of percentages being played whether you get caught, or receive your packages. Just follow advice given from those who have "been there and done that" and one should be fine.

    This is just some info from one Agent that shared this with me. This was a few years ago and things may have changed from then till now.

  12. China is usually a good bet, the place I've dealt with had a very nice packaging routine. What Cuffs says doesn't surprise me though, unless you show repeated activity or mass quantities I'd think it's not too much to worry about, if packed properly


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