H-Drol questions

  1. H-Drol questions

    So, I am about to start my first PH cycle with H-drol.
    My question is how do my supps for the cycle look and my PCT.

    Im thinking for the doses for H-drol

    50/75/75/75/75 and maybe 1 more week of 75?

    with it i take
    milk thistle
    whey protein
    Fish oil
    multi vitamens
    hawthorne extract

    and for pct

    I'm thinking estro extreme and Hypertest.

    Critisism and such please.

    Anddd if theirs anything i could possibly stack h-drol with that would be safe for a first cycle, please say.


  2. looks good. I would swap in inhibit E for Estro but thats just me. I would pre load 2wks and you should be fine. I am running a Tren and h drol starting may1 so Im up on what you need.

    It is a pretty mild compound, 50/75/75/75/75/75 shouldnt be a problem. Its a good starting PH. BTW, how old are you?

  3. Thanks alot for the reply. I'll do some research on the estro, and i'll definately keep your suggestion in mind.
    I really dislike giving out my age, for some odd reason. I am over 20 though if that helps.

  4. reason why i asked is because after 21 you natural test production begins to slow down. at 25 it drops further and so on. If your still young any PH isnt going to provide to much gain because you will be making plenty of natural test.

  5. i just finished my first h drol cycle and i only dosed it 50/50/50/50 and it worked great..IMO for the first time thats what i would do it worked great for me...im in my third week of pct and still gaining

  6. When i run halo i run it at a much higher doseage, stack it with epi, and the only support supps i take are nac. I also always pct with a serm


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