Weird feeling.

  1. Weird feeling.

    Been of pct for two weeks now. For some reason every so often i feel really light headed for a split millisecond ? happens often through out the day. an my vision very quickly moves. only a millimetre from where it was originally.

    Think it could be gear related.

    Cycled nolvadex bold and proto. Experienced facial bloating on cycle.

    And can you get water in the brain from anabolics ?

  2. what supps are you taking

  3. Whey and lots of tuna ?

  4. go see a doctor son whey and tuna doesnt do that ****

  5. Quote Originally Posted by synergy7 View Post
    Whey and lots of tuna ?
    How much Tuna? Mercury poisoning?

    I'd guess that is a less then 5% chance thats it, but I do have a buddy that decided to diet by eating only tuna 3-4 meals a day, if he didnt actually get it I dont know how someone could....
    Just inject.



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