pro-sust replacement

  1. Question pro-sust replacement

    since designer discontinued his pro-sust, who can we turn to for a steile product?

  2. No one,you would have to find someone with 4 ad prop, no company was making it until I asked for it to be made. With the banmoving quick most manufactuerers wont want to start making special powders or ester unless you can order in 3kg amounts. 3kgs would last a LONG time. Its like 1,4add acetate, you wont see anyone with that either for the same reason.

    I suppose you could do a 4 ad base(suspension) maybe 50mgs/ml with 4 ad cyp 200mg/ml, and if you can get either 4 oht cyp (50mgs/ml) or 4 oht deca 200mg/ml. 450mg/ml total. depending on which one you do.

  3. there is one company that has 4ad prop but they are outragously expensive...I wont buy from them even though there products look good...not to take business from you sledge by any means but there is one other place that does have it. they are a board sponser over at anabolic freaks

  4. A few suppliers have 4ad prop...... its not an expensive product to get.

  5. nsruffryder34 could you PM who else caries 4ad prop and other pinning PHs?

  6. I was reffering to powder sources.... you would need to buy a kilo of the 4ad prop powder.

  7. L.I.F.E Research has a 4-ad decanoate. They also supposedly have the 4-hydroxynandrolone decanoate coming, been on pre-sale for quite some time now.

  8. LR has quality products but damn they are so expensive. I mean over $20 a gram for 4ohn deca.... thats crazy.
    Also, I hope they already got this into solution since soem people had alot of trouble with some suppliers 4-ohn deca.

  9. I hear ya on the prices. Even their 4-ad deca is outrageous, but perhaps we are just spoiled by sldge.

  10. Nope they are just expensive, even vpx is cheaper....


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