Nipple sore confused on what to take

  1. Nipple sore confused on what to take

    was on my 18th day of TRENV-700 19 Norandrosta I was taking 35mg 1st week 2nd week 70mg then droped to 35mg for the last week and started taking restore and then started feeling a itch on my left nipple and bumps on the outside of nipple. started taking 4 pills of restore a day and started taking some nolvadex xt from gaspari. Any ways I dont feel a lump or anything yet but It feels sore and a little puffy at times. Dont know if this is a prolactin problem or if I need Letrozole? Any help would be great! Also Im 39 years old. Never bought a serm but this is the first time taking a new generation pro hormone.

  2. IMO you don't need letro just get some nolva do 40/20/20/10 and that should do it. From the sound of it you may be starting to get gyno

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