Ibe epi with Competitive labs x-tren

  1. Ibe epi with Competitive labs x-tren

    Im new to this forum but i have readed a lot of this phs all over internet.So here is the thing.I ordered 2 bottles of ibe epistane and 1 bottle of competitive labs x-tren.I have pcts and cycle supports allready in my hand.

    How would you bridge this twos? my stats are 6 feet and 187pounds bf~13-14

    Im trying to get some dry lean mass about 10 pounds and maybe cut some fat..is that possible?how about the strength gains?my current bench is 360,how much i could add that?
    I think i will be like +500 calories,is that enough?

    I will keep a somekind of log here..atleast before/after photos + some weekly updates
    if you have some advices so bring it

  2. what are u using for pct tren usually requires a serm

    ur goals seem reasonable and as far as stenght gains everyones diff i can really give u numbers but u get out what u put in

  3. I got nolva and clomid as a pct..

    what would this look like?
    epi 30/30/30/40/40/40
    tren 90/90/90/90

    is that too much,should i lower either ones dose?
    i have before tried d-bol...

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