Methyl 1-d vs. natadrol

  1. Methyl 1-d vs. natadrol

    anyone used one or both of these i have only used formadrol from lg sciences but am a fan of the line now because of the combos and fair prices i would like to try one of them if not both just wondering witch one would be better for the money as far as gains/strength
    thanks in advance

  2. I know the masterdrol is not what it used to be pre-ban. Havent used it since 08, the trifecta stack has some kick back then.

    I saw a 7 page thread on Natadrol here, supplementreviews or Pro soucre's fourm. The guy was 22 or 23, 19. IDK exactly but he was young and still saw some good gains on a 6wk cycle. Now if you at 30 it should work much better due to the lack of natural test production.

    I would try the natadrol, but i would use T911 for PCT instead of formadrol. Look whats in both, you'll see why I would go for T911.

  3. thanks is there still anywhere i can get the preban versions of these products

  4. you still should be able to find some competitve edge labs products if you search.

    I have not seen the LG pre-ban stuff yet.

  5. natadrol!!
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