Concerned about my Trans(4AD& 1-T)

  1. Concerned about my Trans(4AD& 1-T)

    Ok this is a Question for all the experts here. How much grit should you have when you mix 5grams of each in one bottle of t-gel? I have read the post on heating and shaking the hell out of it and I that is what I've done. I and the 1 -t first heated it twice and shook like crazy then added the 4Ad and repeated. I heat it for about 15 min. then shake for about 5(done it 7 times). Still very gritty and after I apply it and it dries there is a little grit left on my skin. So do I need to repeat this a few more times or is this the way it should be, also has anyone ever had it completely disolve? Any info would help. I have read post where guys have said just to heat some more but how any more times should I do this.

  2. Man, I have no idea how some people manage to get it smooth like lotion, I can't. I tried everything, I heated mine for 30 minutes, and shook it for longer than that. I even attached it to my shoe buffer and let it spin for 20 minutes with no luck. lol

    Still have that "grains of sand" feel to it. And mine isnt even 1:1 like yours, mine is only 5grams of 4AD and 2.5grams of 1-test.

    Good luck though. I'd be interested also how poeple do it.

  3. Thanks for the info mike. Yeah it doesn,t seem to be getting any smoother. Maybe Bobo has an idea?

  4. Anyone else out there with some info?

  5. I've never used t'gel, but when I brew transdermals (up to 12g/240ml) I always get a full dissolution.

  6. From what I have read and tried, you should try to stir it. Easier said then done, I know. If you have any chunks take a spoon and press them against the side of the bottle to crush them and continue to stir. I never got mine fully dissolved either, what I did to make up for it was rub like hell. I would rub until most of the lotion was absorbed or transparent. I found that the more I rubbed, the less grains I had left over when it dried.

  7. I have also never been able to get it fully dissolved. I just rubbed really hard and followed up each application with Nivea lotion about 15 in later. The lotion helped soak the remaining grains in even better and I think it helped a lot.

  8. Thanks for the info guys, I glad to hear that I'm not the only one that has had this happen. I don't have any big chunks just small like grains of sand. I thought about getting another bottle of t-gel and adding a little more to it sence there is room in the bottle and adjusting my dosage from there. Hey candle if you don't mind could I get your trans recipe or is it the same as the one that has been posted in the past.

  9. I use the same formula thet Curt2go posted long ago. It's all over the board.

  10. Thats what I thought, just thought I would ask. Thanks.

  11. Any other experts out there have any ideas?

  12. Bump one more time. Anymore suggestions?

  13. Curt's formula has been real easy for me, I dissolve 10 grams but mine is always in a spray form, not a gel. I have never combined 4-AD with 1-Test, I have separate bottles of each compound. Hope that helps. BTW, check out CustomNutrion for homebrew supplies.

  14. I brewed that exact combo. I have a thread on it in the cycle forum.

  15. Thanks again.


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