Mdrol-Epi/Furuza A bridge?

  1. Mdrol-Epi/Furuza A bridge?

    So I finally came to a decision to run my last DS cycle before I jump into the world of test (excited to start this in Oct/Nov of this year! ). I was originally planning to run my Mdrol-Epi bridge, but I thought about stacking CEL Furuza a with Epistane when I incorporate it during the cycle. I really wanna get shredded right after Mdrol to really hi-lite my muscle gains and have Epi solidify my gains.

    Mdrol- 10/20/20/0/0/0
    Epistane- 0/0/30/30-40/40/40
    Furuza a- ?/?/?/?/?/?

    As u noticed, I don't know how to run Furuza a. I've read up to 400mg is at least the recommended when stacking, and 600mg would be perfect (although I've read that ppl still go higher?). I dunno about yall, but that seems like a ridiculous amount (8+ caps? WTF) I've also read not to stack w/ Mdrol b/c I won't notice anything significant, but read that 4 weeks is not enough, so stacking Furuza w/ Epi for 4 weeks seems to not be enough? I need help and any clarification.

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  3. M-Drol -10/20/20/
    Epi - 0/0/40/40/40/40/0/0
    Furuza - 0/0/300/300/400/400/400/400
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkHalf View Post
    M-Drol -10/20/20/
    Epi - 0/0/40/40/40/40/0/0
    Furuza - 0/0/300/300/400/400/400/400


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