Splitting Clen Doses

  1. Splitting Clen Doses

    Can you split your clen doses? For example, if you're taking 50 mcg on a given day, can you take 25 in the morning and 25 in the afternoon? Wondering because my clen hits hard in the morning but wears off by late afternoon. I want to make sure I'm burning during those late hours. I haven't had problems sleeping on it when I take it in the afternoon (I can sleep on anything)), so that's not a factor.


  2. I always do when I get higher, above 100mcg or so. Although the half-life would indicate this isn't necessary, it may "feel" quite better.
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  3. take all of it in the morning so that you don't run into insomnia problems at night.

  4. I disagree lancelot. I always split my doses above 50mcg. Just make sure not to take them in the late afternoon. Follow the general guidelines for an ECA (ie give yourself time before bed) and you should be fine. But hell, Clen makes me sleep great.

  5. yeah I take it in the morning and then lunch or early afternoon, but still break them up. Hasn't affected sleep too badly, just like ECA



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