anavar deca test e dbol--

  1. anavar deca test e dbol--

    im 5'3"
    155 lbs about 12 %bf

    (1-4) anavar 50mg ed oral
    (5-8) dbol 50mg ed oral
    (5-15) deca 300 ew injectable
    (5-17) test e 600 ew injectable

    got arimidex 1mg ed for during cycle

    pct clomid and hcg. starting hcg 2 wks prior to completion of cycle.

    what ya'll think?

    ohhhh and i got milk thistle for liver support.

    "ain't nothin but a peanut" -- ronnie coleman

  2. and following pct i was going to do a bridge cycle with primobolan? maybe 500mg pw... anyone done anything similar as a bridge because i heard that is some-what safe for a bridge.

  3. With that long of a cycle, ESPECIALLY with two oral compounds back to back, I would get uniliver or something for more maybe even space the orals out a little bit
    You know the test won't kick in until week 9 or 10, right?

  4. start the test and deca right away.

    IMO, I would run the dbol first 4 weeks, and save the anavar til the end.

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