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Stacking methyls is OK.

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by StriKing_Cobra
    i've shot up from 245lbs to 265lbs in a little over 2 wks on just 10mg ED on M1t, I don't think I need much more help.

    If anyone does try stacking M1T and M5 , i'd like to see the results and how it worked and how safe it was.
    Yes, and in 4 weeks you will be 247, most of your gains are water - trust me.

  2. I'm aware of this, this is the 3rd time i've cycled with M1t.

    247lbs? I think you're wrong on that guess.

  3. thers no way only 2 lbs of that would be muscle. I went from 150 -165 on a 3 week cycle of m1t and ended up staying at the same BF, and leveled off at 163 at the end of PCT.

  4. i beleive stacking methyls is ok except m1t.i used 4-ad cyp with mohn 28mgs and m-dien 24mgs for 8 weeks.liver enzymes were checked after 8 weeks and they were normal(ast 26, alt 32). i used nac 1200mgs ed for liver protection.the last 4 weeks i used 20mgs of m1t and 1800mgs ed nac and r-ala 600mgs ed. another blood test confirmed that my liver enzymes were good (ast 31,alt 25)

  5. Ok so me and a few buds are going to dive into our first methyl cycles. Well for at least 2 of us it is a first go around. All of the guys in question here range in weight from 275-325lbs. I mention this because I want to know how much we need to take our weight into consideration with methyls.

    In addition we are looking to do something on the more hardcore side. Some guys we know had some tremendous success with stacking M1T, Methyl dien, and M5AA. If I remember correctly each of them did 3-5mg per day of the Methyl dien, 20mg per day of the M5AA, and the M1T ranged from 15-30mgs per day. The guys who were on the higher end of the range on each had the best results but all received results.

    Anyway I just wanted to get some feedback on that before I go ingesting the stuff. I respect all your opinions so I will take it all into consideration. Thanks

  6. I stacked 5mg of M1t and 20mg of M5 together one day and my workout was insane, I don't think i've ever experienced that sort of power surge in the 12 years i've been lifting.

    That was just for a day though.

    Dietrich, you guys are some big fella's but it's about your liver, not your weight. Ya know? I don't think your liver can just change sizes.

  7. Cobra, my boy and I were just talkin about the saftey of stacking M5 and M1T. He's 2 weeks into M1T/4AD and has M5 on hand. Are you planning on running the M5 through your M1T's full cycle?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by StriKing_Cobra
    I'm aware of this, this is the 3rd time i've cycled with M1t.

    247lbs? I think you're wrong on that guess.
    How much did you get to post cycle?

  9. I know it's not like apon at this forum but the reaction I had of taking half M1t and half M5 was amazing. I would only do such for a couple weeks MAX though.

    At the beginning of my cycle I was 242lbs, I am just now wrapping up my post cycle and i'm sitting at 258-260lb area and have been for a few weeks now (no creatine).
    I peaked at 265lbs.

    My cycle was:
    Week1-3 = M1T and 4AD Transdermal (last few days I added M5 and M1t both at half dosage)
    Week3-6 = M5 ,1T/4AD Transdermal
    Week6-9 = Nolvadex, Tribex 500, ZMA

  10. What's up SC, how's life?

    So what dosage of M1T were you taking? That is some serious weight gain. Was it all clean?

  11. Whats up TP! How you been?

    I was taking 10mg ED, 20mg ED for week 3-4, and 5mg ED the last few days. I am at a steady 258lbs right now, that's a 16lb difference from finish to end. Came down from a 265lb peak when I was ON cycle.

    Was it clean, i'm sure some bodywater got tossed in the mix from the M1t but that's gone now , i'm leaner/harder/more vascular and lost an inch or two in the waist, so i'm assuming it was pretty much all clean.


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