Adding DBOL to end of Test E cycle?!?!?!

  1. Adding DBOL to end of Test E cycle?!?!?!

    basically i had plans of doing a test e and dbol cycle..
    I am currently on week 7 of the test and my dbol was bunk or highly underdosed(i tried using it weeks 1-3, did not work how youd expect dbol too). A buddy of mine just got in some solid dbol and can hook it up so its making me consider doing this. Although ive never seen a log of someone doing so and its more of a kickstart, would it be ok if during weeks 10,11 & 12 I threw in some dbol to go along with the end of the test cycle? Its 10 weeks of test and 11 and 12 are off weeks until I start pct on week 13. I kind of wanted to get a full dbol test cycle out but kinda mad it didnt workout that way so hopefully this can change that?? any input would be great

  2. plenty of ppl have done this

  3. you can run it like that no problem.

  4. Pretty sure I had some underdosed dbol too...bumped from 30mg/day to 50mg/day and results were stellar. Sometimes crankin up the dose isn't such a bad idea.

  5. appreciate the input, yeah id bump it up but i dont really trust underdosed gear i was taking 30mg(first time taking dbol) and wasnt feeling much which from what ive read you can even see some solid results at 10mgs so i mean prolly not even worth it, i think im gunna go through with it gunna get some tomorow, should be fun

  6. doin it right now brotha. I didnt want to run it before my spring break extravaganza, but now im back at it, same thing hitting week 8 soon of Test E, running the dbol and lovin every minute of it. Im just gonna get off the dbol before i stop the test... so prolly 4 weeks of it....

  7. ^^good to know someone else is in the same situation!
    yeah i talked to my buddy orders going through tomorow prolly gunna begin it week 8 stop it week 11? well see how it goes!


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