M1T dosage for those experienced users over 220lbs?

  1. Question M1T dosage for those experienced users over 220lbs?

    What dosage have you found to work?

    I am 5'11"@220ish 11% bf.

    I just started my M1T after doing 4 weeks of LG's 1-T.

    I am starting off slow so far, working my way up.
    Day 1 of M1T : 2.5mg
    D2 5mg
    D3 7.5mg
    D4 10mg
    D5 12.5mg *this is tomorrow's does
    D6 15mg
    D7 20mg
    D8-14 stay at 20mgs????????

    I am also thikning about adding 6oxo DURING this cycle of M1T.

  2. i did great at 15mg a day M1T only. I weighed 231 after 20 days 248

  3. I went from 216 to 232 (I am bloated) using 10mg, i'm 6'1. My workout partner did a cycle of 2 weeks at 10mg, he only gained 2lbs and increased his benchreps from 6x275 to 8x275. He has really good genetics. At 6'1 and 218lbs he is ripped, drinks about a case of beer a week, eats fastfood, and will slam down 4 suzie-q's after a night of drinking before going to sleep. He is 35 and has a sixpack, it is ridiculous. Anyway, I am assuming that my inferior genetics (lower test) responded really well to the 10mg dose. I am going to assume the better the genetics, the more it will take to have a significant increase over your natural test lvls.

  4. Personally I don't believe there is any reason to go beyond the 10mg's. There have been a lot of others who have upped their doses, some of who did not respond to it. I guess it depends on your level of tolerence and how your body reacts to it. I haven't gone above 10mg's. Currently I am 210lbs, was up around 220lbs when was doing the 10mg's.

    What is your reason for adding 6OXO to your cycle??? And, what are you planning for PCT?

  5. I am experienced & 220 at 10-12% bf, I get solid gains from 10mg. I've done 3 M1t cycles, & I upped it to 20mg after 2 weeks on my last run. The gains did not increase at all over 10mg, but the sides got bad & I had to drop back down. The back cramping got so bad that I had to sit down a few times while grocery shopping. I will stick with 10mg in the future.

    If you can handle the sides on 20mg, go for it. But I don't think anybody needs more. Especially if stacked with 4ad or test.

  6. Good info, thanks. I think I will just stay at 10mg now and evaluate the results.

    I was gonig to add some 6oxo to my cycle b/c my nuts are starting to hurt.
    For PCT I have Clomid and 6oxo. I ran out of my nolva tabs and do not trust the liquid.
    I am going to run 6oxo at 1 GRAM/ day and the clomid on the standard post aas dosage.

  7. I used 30 for 2 weeks and had no sides but i had better results at 20 mg a day.


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