Ddsing for a Powerlifitng Competition

  1. Ddsing for a Powerlifitng Competition

    I have a powerlifting meet coming up soon and am trying to figure out when I should be dosing my PH's to get the most out of them as it pertains when i will actually be lifting. (i.e a couple of hours before, and hour before). I normally take my PH's evenly thoughout the day so I never really paid attention to their effectiveness in relation to the time i took them before I worked out.

    Also, I have been taking 20 mg of Mdrol and 90 Mg (3 pills) of Spawn the last three weeks. The usual shut down has occurred but my strength and size have shot through the roof. I was thinking of upping the Mdrol to 30 mg a day the last three days leading up to the meet and maintaining the Spawn dosage to possibly get an extra boost of power for the meet.

    any thoughts or recommendations on both questions would be appreciated. I have all my PCT to include a serm ready to go once I'm done with the meet.

  2. dose it about an hour before your workout/meet with some healthy fats. I spread my dosages out over the course of the day with one dosed as listed above.

  3. Just dose it throughout ur meet. I went to one this past weekend and it lasted FOREVER.

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