1-AD or M4OHN for lean mass gain after cutting

  1. 1-AD or M4OHN for lean mass gain after cutting

    Looking around on the board quite a bit, it seems like either 1 would be good for some modest lean, dry gains after completing a six week cutting cycle (CKD dieting). Anyway, if anyone has experience with both, I would appreciate your thoughts. I have used 1-AD several times in the past with good result. 1-test/4-ad was also good for mass, but not at all what I am looking for right now. I want lean mass/vascularity.


  2. M4OHN seems to be popular option. I will be running it in a few weeks for the same purpose.

    You can get dry gains from 1-test alone, but you'll have to deal with the lethargy & shutdown. Don't bother with 1-AD, it is less effective than just using 1-test & it's 2-3x the cost.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Any others?? I am depending on you guys to help get me in beach shape my July!!

  4. try the m5aa i worked up to 40 mgs but couldn't handle the aggression. its supposed to harden you up pretty good and give nice strength increases. i didn't do it long enough to find out. the mood it put me in was exactly like what fina would do to me.

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