EPI vs Pmag

  1. EPI vs Pmag

    Gonna be running furuza along side either Epi or Pmag looking to recomp, get some good dry gains. I have ran Epi before and saw nearly no gains even bumped to 40mg that is why I am hesistant to run it again. What do you guys think and would it be beneficial to add stanodrol?

  2. I've run P-mag with Test. I noticed increased muscle striations and hardness that I attribute to the P-mag. Can't say how much mass gains it gave me as I've never ran it alone.

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  4. I would run the Pmag for gains. . .you can run it like a hdrol. . .6wks 50/75/75/75/75/75 or 50/50/75/75/75/75 or play around with the dosages. . . whats your pct look liek and diet. . this will help ensure gains. . .most ppl think 2 ph's = massive gains when if you tune in diet with one you can get the same results. .
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  5. my diet is in check, for pct I have nolva and pct assist. I will be running cycle assist of course. My goal is to put on muscle while also leaning out alittle and hardening while being able to keep most of the mass after pct. I have run epi solo before 30/30/30/40/40/40 and didnt feal much was not happy with it but I have it on hand so was considering it but I would prob go up to 50mg. If P mag would yield me better mass gains while also staying dry I will go that route.



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