First cycle! Need help with options

  1. First cycle! Need help with options

    I'm ready to start my first cycle. I'm 29 years old and 6'1 at a bodyweight of only 160. So as you can see I really need to bulk up. What should I take? I prefer something with minamal side effects and one that doesn't kill your sex drive either. I plan on eating 20 calories per pound of bw and lifting 4 days a week using primarily compound movements.

  2. My bad meant 6'0 not 6'1

  3. WTF is with all these 160lb 6'+ guys coming on here asking about steroids lately? Summer I guess.

    OP, you need not worry yourself about steroids yet. Learn to gain naturally first, steroids won't help you if you can't gain naturally. At your height 200lbs is easily obtainable NATURALLY!! Once you get to that point start planing out your first cycle!

  4. agree with timmy
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  5. i agree with the above posters. at the height of 6+ feet, ppl should easily be able to hit 200lbs naturally

  6. Understood. So is 20 cal per pound a good starting point?

  7. You definitely need to be careful. You can easily kill your sex drive for years if you don't do it right.

    Determine your goals - mass? definition? strength? body weight?

    Then consider a stack and a PCT and make sure you have it all on hand **BEFORE** you begin.

    And whatever you do - don't skimp or shortcut on what is required


  9. syntha-6,9-chickenbreasts,5x-mealsdaily, 17a-methyllifteatsleep

    great compound.

  10. Agreed get to 200lbs. Then worry about AAS, as for answering the 20 cals per pound of bodyweight question I usually shoot for 25/per lbs. That's just me though


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