m1t with andriol?

  1. m1t with andriol?

    i was just woundering if i were to take andriol with m1t would it combat lethergy

  2. you have M1T that's not expired ? That stuffs been off the market for so long ...
    I've got some 1-AD but that stuff might as well be rice flower now it's so old lol.

  3. m1t is still legal in europe theres plenty of it floating around the states

  4. so what about the cycle.. would it work together... couldn't get my hands on 4-ad so my supplier insist that i took testobol or andriol... and the only reason why i purchased the andriol was to combat the lethargy from the m1t.... due to past m1t cycles, lethargy was a major problem for me especially in week 3...

  5. I've never run m1t test but it seems to be a bit risky to me.

    M1T is already high on the sides for some and adding an oral test pill like andriol would just be too much strain for your body. That's just my opinion. Maybe your supplier is on to something or maybe he just wants the extra money

  6. Please do not post multiple threads about the same stuff!

    Like I said on the other are u talking about anadrol?

    Plus at 165 and already used m1t your def not gained enough natty to be jumping on roids.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Liftingstud View Post
    Like I said on the other are u talking about anadrol?

    Andriol is testosterone with an undecanoate ester so it can be taken orally. Typically in 40mg tabs.

  8. like i posted on the other thread that i am roughly around 175lbs, its just that i havn't updated my profile . and yes its andriol ( testosterone undeoconate at 40mg caps)... like i said i would just be using 80mg ed to combat lethargy from the m1t's....anyone with previous similar cycles that would have any advice for this would be appreciated

  9. and i also posted this on the other forum..
    now i can actually get hands on some sutanon 250 and hcg. but would only be able to receive it by the end of the month. so my other question is would it be ok to add sustanon once i get it.. the following cycle would be.
    week 1-4 andriol 80mg ed, m1t 10mg ed
    week 4-12 sustanon 500mgs a week
    week 11-13 hcg 500iu twice a week
    week 14-18 clomid 50mgs ed


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