m1t, andriol cycle?

  1. m1t, andriol cycle?

    So i have half a bottle of m1t laying around and decided to start a cycle next week. today i just purchased some omega 3,s saw plametto and milk thistle(will be using during cycle exept for the milk thistle which i'll be keeping for pct) and also purchased some clomid for pct. Now what i wanted to get was some test e or even sustanon 250 so that my test levels would stay up and avoid lethargy while on the m1t. but my supplier doest sell any injectable's..so he told me my best best was to go either with testobol or andriol (testosterone undeconate). so i decided to buy the andriol which was more expensive but seemed to be a better choice for myself.
    my cycle would be= wk1-4 m1t 10mgs ed and andriol 40-80mgs ed and pct 4 wks clomid 50mgs ed along side with tribulus.
    now the reason why i purchased the andriol was just to combat the lethargy with the m1t and maybe even add a lil more strength. also i know that taking just 40-80mgs of andriol ed is pretty low but my supplier said that it would be enough to go along side the m1t..... any feedback would be appreciated.

  2. now i can actually get hands on some sutanon 250 and hcg. but would only be able to receive it by the end of the month. so my other question is would it be ok to add sustanon once i get it.. the following cycle would be.
    week 1-4 andriol 80mg ed, m1t 10mg ed
    week 4-12 sustanon 500mgs a week
    week 11-13 hcg 500iu twice a week
    week 14-18 clomid 50mgs ed

  3. Do u mean anadrol, abombs?

    Also why are u waiting til wk 4 with the sus?

    If anadrol then why the m1t???

    You cycle isn't planned out well at all. Back to the drawing board.

  4. Plus ur only 165!???? Ughhhh def not ready for roids! Another skinny kid looking for a quick fix.

  5. well actually im 175lbs, i just havnt updated my status. and also its andriol (testosterone undeconate, an oral form test). and the reason y i can only use the sus in week 4 is because i'll only be able to get it by then, thats the reason i bought the andriol so i would have some type of test in my cycle...

  6. would it help out with the lathargy?

  7. because i have the andriol and m1t on hand and im only going to receive the sus and hcg in about 3 weeks so i thought by using the andriol with the m1t as a kick start to my cycle would work out well because by week 3 or 4 i'll be adding the sus into the cycle. i know its because that i wait, but i've decided to start my cycle in 2 days..

  8. Look your cycle planned it not the best the way u have it planned. You use a kick start to cover the lag time the inj takes to kick in. So by not starting the test til wk 4 u put ur self at risk for problems. Just wait til u get your sus to start. Screw the oral test. Too expensive. Just run your sus with the m1t kickstart each starting from day 1 so when u drop the m1t ur test is kicking in.

  9. agreed 100% with liftingstud,he know's what he is talking about.

  10. ok thnxs liftingstud. the thing is that i already have 200 caps of andriol( each at 40mgs) would it still be alright to use the andriol in the cycle, or would i be better off putting it on hold for an upcoming cycle


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