Question on bloat control

  1. Question on bloat control

    I am planning on a Test E cycle. I will be using Aromasin to control bloat at 12.5mg/EOD to start and up if need be.

    However, during weeks 1-4 I will be taking Havoc (Epi), which has high anti-e properties. My question is...should I start the aromasin at the beginning of the cycle, or start after I drop the Havoc?? Or maybe take Havoc and Aromasin together but lower the dosage of Aromasin??

  2. unless your prone to gyno or bloated quickly in the past you could get away with waiting until week 3 to start the aromasin since test e will take a few weeks to start taking affect

  3. also, the whole epi has "anti-e" properties thing is a myth, when i used it i actually got the worst case of gyno i've ever had and have used many wet compounds and have never had a problem. It varies greatly from person to person though.

  4. for me, "The One" dried me up to the point my joints in my shoulders and fingers were sore. I am not prone to gyno, but I do hold a lot of water my first cycle of test-e I got the "moon face" bad. I have nolva on hand to take care of gyno flare up's (if any). I am using the aromasin more for bloat control.

    Note: I have never tried Havoc.

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