Is M4OHN w/ Propecia a problem??

  1. Is M4OHN w/ Propecia a problem??

    Can somebody tell me?
    Just started my M40HN cycle, please someone tell me before I make a huge mistake.

  2. I don't think so, but I am interested in finding the answer to this also.

  3. got the answer:
    no problem.

  4. I think Deca is the only thing you want to avoid with propecia.

  5. But deca already converts to DHN I thought??? What does it convert too if finasteride is involved?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jarconis
    But deca already converts to DHN I thought??? What does it convert too if finasteride is involved?
    Straight Nandrolone....IOW's it doesn't convert at all....And Nandrolone is a much harsher andrgoen than DHN. Thus making it totallyu counterproductive. But with the M4OHN, we do not know if it converts to DHN or not. At least I don't...

  7. there is no conversion to DHT or DHN, here is some info on Oxabolone which is the unmethylated version of M4OHN, which makes M4OHn stronger.

    " The 4-hydroxyl attachment, just like the 4-chloro attachment in clostebol, changes the affinity of the steroid for the aromatase and 5-alpha-reductase enzymes. By losing the interaction with the aromatase enzyme, oxabolone, unlike its parent nandrolone, cannot convert to estrogen. All estrogen related side-effects are therefore non-existent. No risk of gyno, no bloat as the result of water retention and so forth. As most of you may know, nandrolone also has progesterone binding properties, that worsened its estrogenic side-effects, but without the presence of estrogen, that no longer forms a problem. Its comparable to trenbolone. Trenbolone still possesses nandrolone's progestagenic activity, but because it cannot aromtize its not an issue. This also means that Oxabolone can be used for cutting purposes, just like trenbolone.

    On the other hand, inhibiting interaction with 5-alpha-reductase will have an entirely different effect than it did with clostebol. Clostebol was a testosterone derivative, and the 4-chloro group inhibited formation of DHT in this manner. That made clostebol several times less androgenic in nature than testosterone, and made it a much weaker steroid as well. That's not the case of oxabolone. The 4-hydroxyl group inhibits the formation of DHN (dihydronandrolone). But Unlike DHT, DHN is an extremely weak androgen.So by eliminating it, you are in fact increasing the androgenic potency of nandrolone, especially in target tissues like scalp, skin and prostate, which does increase the risk of androgen related side-effects. But it also makes it a much stronger steroid. Nandrolone being quite a decent androgen to begin with, inhibiting reduction to DHN makes it that much stronger, and truly comparable in action to the steroid trenbolone (see Parabolan and Finaplix profiles). It would exert a distinct hardening effect on the body, and would be a non-aromatizing hormone still capable of packing on a notable amount of lean mass. Which can be said of very few steroids. It would be the perfect lean mass builder."

  8. wait so drop the propecia?

    Legal Gear, Seth Roberts are telling me otherwise at

  9. I don't know what to think, LG is putting out there own M4ohn, but im not sure...

  10. Thanks for that info sledge.....I remember reading something of that sort, can't remember where though....

    Deoudes, I think its safe to say that the DHT sides in a manner of speaking, will not be caused by the 5AR. It will however be caused by the stronger androgen Nandrolone. So, in essence, this would be kinda like using deca in conjunction with finasteride. It already inhibits DHN and makes it a stronger androgen, and albeit a stronger drug.....

    And to answer your question, I still dunno...

    But, from what I gathered from it, since its already DHN inhibited, it wouldn't hurt in using the propecia. How much will it help since its not 5AR related? dunno, but just be weary and keep an eye on your hairline, etc..

  11. hmm, dropping the propecia again...

  12. I just asked the inventor of 7aOHN which is slightly different, but not much. He said that there is no conflict.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Roberts and Legal have'nt had a positive thing to say about M4OHN yet, hmmmm....

    If the Propecia would be for potential Hair loss, how about this thought.

    Pogue, the generally knowledgable .bb moderator, speculated that M4OHN either produces or raises sensitivity to IGF-1. IF IGF-1 has been shown in studies to promote new hair growth, maybe M4OHN actually grows new hair?

    Just speculatin'
    I never said that.

  14. So wait guys, Keep or Drop the Propecia w/ the M4OHN??
    I'm seeing hairloss (not neccessarily from the M4OHN).
    I'd add the propecia if it's going to help me (obviously)

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Deoudes59
    So wait guys, Keep or Drop the Propecia w/ the M4OHN??
    I'm seeing hairloss (not neccessarily from the M4OHN).
    I'd add the propecia if it's going to help me (obviously)
    I'd say use it......4-OHN is already DHN inhibited so it can only help. Again, the problem with using propecia w/ deca is because when Deca converts it converts to DHN. DHN is a much milder androgen than straight Nandrolone. And when using propecia in conjunction w/ deca it doesn't allow the DHN conversion, so its counterproductive. I don't know anyway to further simplify the explanation bro...if you still doubt, do some reading up on enzyme conversions, etc. to make sure you fully understand these will only help in the long run....

  16. back on propecia

  17. There is absolutely NO research done on 7a-methyl. Atleast none I can find, so it would be a guess at best, not that it doesnt help but just keep in mind any info on a 7a verison would be a true guess.


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