4 week cutting cycle opinions

  1. 4 week cutting cycle opinions

    Last year a ran a trans 1test/4ad cutter for 4 weeks with good results and have only used M1T to bulk. Considering a few options.

    2 weeks M1T a 10mg + 200-300mg trans 4Ad, then drop the M1T and replace with trans 1test and add M5aa to final two weeks?

    4 weeks m-dien @ ? alone?

    4 weeks M-4ohn @ ? stacked with trans 1 test?

    other options?

    stats: 5 6" 180 14.5% bf. age 38

    I was gonna wait for more feedback on m-dien and M-4ohn as a cutting agent but want to start in the next week or two.

    I'll be using two weeks alternate of eca stack and clen and monitoring bp if I choose M1t.

    goal is to get under 10% bf while not losing too much muscle. Diet is still up in the air as to keto for two weeks then CKD or just a regular cyclical carb plan.

  2. i like m1t to cut since it supressed my appetite big time. I am currently looking into running 1test with m5aa. I think that stack may have some benefits while cutting also.

  3. i'm currently running M4OHN for a cutting cycle.

  4. you could use just the 1-test....

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