cycle advise

  1. cycle advise

    i've been contemplating to start a cycle but im not sure how to go about it. I want to start off by apologizing if im posting on the wrong section or if im asking somthing too broad or something thats been asked before. with that being said let me tell you guys what it is im setting out for. Im 5'10'' 24 years old (young for gear i know) I've been training serioulsy for the past 18 months and have gone trough a great transformation that im very proud of. I started out at 304lbs and 37% bf. with the help of a personal trainer i dialed in my diet and started training hard im now 218 and 19% bf. i went from maxing out on the bench 135 5X to 225 8x. my squat is 405lbs 12x my deadlift 315 12x. my hang up is i see guys at my gym that weigh 185-200lbs put up way more weight than that. like i said im proud of my acomplisments but feel like im still coming up short.I mean i really bust my ass in the gym 6 days a week eat clean and get a decent amount of recovery time. i would like to start a cycle that could help me increase my strenght and vascularity as im pretty vascular now but my veins are thin and small. they do pop out nicely tho. i would like for it to b 6-8wks and my goal is to get to 200lbs and 12% bf im not sure if im being unrealistic here but let me know what you guys think.

  2. btw the gear thats readely avilable to me is pretty much every kind of test, winnne, decca and mastodon. at least thats what most guys at my gym are always trying to push off, # problem dont know if the compunds are real or how pure they are, a guy at my boxing gym said he got a blood infection from bad test e #2 dont know how much to pay for any of these. #3 im terrified of ****ing up my prostate or even worse man tits. thanks a million to any one that responds. i value and respects everyones opinion

  3. u are nowhere near ready for steroids man. congrats on the progress, but using steroids at 19%bf is a waste of time, money, and health.

    get down to 14% or less and we can talk. id also recommend AT THE VERY LEAST 2 years training seriously before even considering steroids

  4. fair enough, thanks for the quick response. I guess im jus a little frustrated tho. i guess if i did wait for the 2 years i would b below 14%bf

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