im in my 2 sec week of my cycle but i have a few ?

  1. im in my 2 sec week of my cycle but i have a few ?

    im in my sec week of my cycle. im get stronger already but one thing i think my nippples are getting a little sensitive no gyo or anything just the nips i started 20 mg of nolva. but i dont want to end thing cycle early. so if 20 doesnt work how much could i take to stop it or is a little sensitive ok

    im take 500mg of test cyp for 14 weeks then winny at the end

  2. having your nips get a little sensitive can happen with a test cycle ...its not always a cause for concern, now a lump, that can be different

    if it gets worse then go with 40mg ED

  3. What type and amount of gear are you on?

  4. Knowing what you are using and dosages will help.

    I find that a large majority of people are overly paraniod about gyno during a cycle. However, just continue using 20mg of nolvadex if you are concerned.

  5. he says in his post "im take 500mg of test cyp for 14 weeks then winny at the end"

  6. Quote Originally Posted by kmac6225
    he says in his post "im take 500mg of test cyp for 14 weeks then winny at the end"
    I'm an idiot.
    Keep taking the nolvadex, if you like. My guess is that it is not gyno.

  7. ok thanks i wasnt sure what to think. i just want to ask and to make sure i could up to 40 ed just in case

  8. IMHO you'll notice a reduction in gains at 40mg nolva ED, has the nolva reduced the sensitivity? Give it a week or so at 40mg and see if it helps. If not maybe try an anti-e like arimidex at a very very low dosage (0.2mg eod) to start, and work it up slowly. But I'll also agree that sensitivity is ok, lumps are not.

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  9. yea it worked at 40mg

    i took 40 mg nolva yesterday and today my nips are feeling like normal now so i think its all good now i have arimx but i want to save that for the end

  10. so what do u think i should do run it with 40mg or drop down to 20 mg or maybe like ten and just keep my nip a little sensitive. any ideas weclome. im leaning to 20mg ed

  11. well like guys have said before, sensitive isn't a problem...its bound to happen with some ppl. I don't know if taking 10mg will do much in keeping things in order as far as preventing gyno, but im with MB, going with 40gm can hinder gains.
    Personally, I'd stop the nolva and wait to see if things get worse. Just cuz you're sensitive now doesn't necessarily mean you'll get gyno


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