Methyl Sten

  1. Methyl Sten

    So i saw a methyl sten clone today 10mg 30 caps for 70 damn dollars. im hoping that IBE can make a cheaper clone.

    By the way does anyone kno what company is the parent company of Culver Concepts?

  2. Methyl sten? Never heard of this

  3. methyl stenbolone, what was supposedly in OG mass tabs, the boxes not bottles. the bottles were SD but still labeled methylsten

  4. Ammo has a produt called Halotes-10. Also a stenbolon clone with 60 10mg capsules. But dont know if its legit.

  5. So many little PH companies popping up...

    We need a big company to come by and just steal the show, CoA's, in-states testing, etc.
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