Libido Return After Nolva

  1. Libido Return After Nolva

    How long after running a PCT with nolvadex does your libido normally return to normal?

    Just looking for some personal responses here.

  2. *bump* come on guys, I know most of you roidheads use nolva every cycle.

    Ive been a clomid user, and this is my first nolva use. Help a brother out.

  3. 9.235 days

  4. 3.1415926535897932384626433832 7950288

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Liftingstud View Post
    3.1415926535897932384626433832 7950288
    You're libido revolves around pie?

  6. lol i would pick up sustain alpha. works wonders on the libido and provides a great feeling of well being

  7. Agree on the Sustain Alpha.^^^

  8. it depends on many factors and every one is different but usaully a week or so. also i agree about adding the TRS stack it will definitely speed up your recovery. hope that helps you out.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  9. The first and last time that I ran a nolva PCT was with the TRS last year (after a 1-T Tren+other goodies cycle). My libido didn't pick back up some until towards the end of week 4 of PCT. I was shut down hard, but nolva does not a good libido make.

    I actually had really good results by adding in Phyto-Testesterone (testofen + methoxy) 2 caps bid starting in week 4 of my PCT. My libido was so shot from the tren followed by nolva that I was actually getting a little worried in week 4. Also, I was using BlueUp for my PCT natty test booster for weeks 1 through 3. What a waste of money. I got oily skin and little else. I threw the week's worth I had left away when the Phyto-T arrived. I was amazed that the Phyto-T started improving my mood and libido within about 24 hours (no joke, and I've tried a lot of NTBs-most are crap; and this is actually when I threw the BlueUp leftovers away).

    I actually ended up getting another bottle of Phyto-T and ran for a total of about 6 weeks before stopping because I was literally horny all the tiime. I never thought I would complain about too much libido, but lo and behold. I was single at the time, and well, my arm really started to ache after a while (lol). It cheered up my mood nicely too-I was in kind of a slump. When I stopped taking it, my sex drive returned to normal/baseline very quickly.

    I'd say give the Phyto-T a shot if you are still having libido issues at this point. If you aren't running the TRS, I'd consider running it as well (they stack well). At a minimum, if you think that you are recovered from your cycle (except for libido) and done with PCT, consider a botle of Phyto-T alone or a bottle of Phyto-T and a bottle of Sustain and stack the two for a 4 week boner restoration cycle.

    I don't have the before labs, but my post-PCT, on Phyto-T hormonal bloodwork showed my free test near the upper limit of normal; something like 2.6% (range 1.4-2.9%).

    As an aside, you "upgraded" (lol-my phrasing) from clomid to nolva? Do yourself a huge favor next cycle and upgrade to toremifene to combine with the TRS. I've been running torem citrate + the TRS for a little over a week and my nuts are size of cat's heads! Torem is safer, more effective, and just plain better than nolva and clomid (together or alone). It also doesn't seem to adversely affect libido either (unlike nolva did for me).

    Good luck.

  10. all of us "roidheads" laugh in the face of a PCT... complete waste of your money.


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