How about 2on/2off with dbol?

  1. How about 2on/2off with dbol?

    I know people like to use M1T two weeks on and two weeks off as to avoid shut down and sides, and keep in mind I also know dbol is supposed to be run for 4 weeks and stacked with another compound. However, despite these factors, how effective do you think the same 2on/2off would be with dbol alone? I thorougly enjoy the strength gains from it but I tend to get shut down pretty easily and pretty badly so I was considering taking the 2 on 2 off route. Please share your input..

  2. Waste of time IMO. I don't mind Dbol only cycles but they still have to be run right. The shortest cycle I run is 6 weeks and it is usually prop/dbol, or fina/dbol. I have tried the 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off without a lot of luck, I recoved nicely but always had to quit just when the gains were getting good.

    Oral only cycle

  3. 2on/2off work with M1T because M1T gains are a lot easier to hold onto than dbol, much higher muscle/water-weight ratio than dbol; not because dbol shuts down harder

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