Legal Gears' Masterdrol V2 (m5aa), only take on workout days, pre-workout?

  1. Legal Gears' Masterdrol V2 (m5aa), only take on workout days, pre-workout?

    Should I be taking this (as part of my 1test.4ad cycle) on only workout days (which is 5 days a week) or 7 days a week, and should the dosage be all...say 30mg at once or should it be broken up? Or should it be taken pre workout, like 30-60 min prior? This question has stemmed from Candles' experience, on a thread in the cycles forum.

    I realize it has a short half life, but does that mean I can only benefit from it on days I workout? I mean, you wouldnt do that with something like m1t of 1ad, you take those whether you are working out or not.

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    I plan on using the same supp with the addition of methyl dien or some m1t. I think sugashane and i would both appreciate an answer.

  3. you can stack it with 1t/4ad... I did...

    take the whole dose preworkout, dont spread it out. Some say that you should take it even on nonworkout days... I went ahead and followed this protocol. Whether it made a differnce or not Im not sure - can tell the difference in gains from the m5aa and the m1t/4ad/4oht....

    but I would definitely take the whole dose preworkout...

    As for stacking methyls... I am still pretty skeptical about it... but thats just me.

  4. Take the entire dose pre-workout, and I would suggest only on the days you workout. I don't see a reason to take it on non-workout days, unless it somehow works that way for others.

    I would advise not stacking methyls unless you are going to have blood work done prior to, during, and post cycle. Also, if any of you have the blood work done after stacking methyls, please post the results here so we can all have a look.

  5. any other opinions? should I take it on non workout days?

  6. when i did it, i ran it the first week ED and the second week just pre-workout. if i would do it again, i'd just run it every day. i think it gives you some body-recomp effects, made my midsection thin out/tighten up a lot. if those are the effects you're after, go for it every day. if you just want a pre-workout boost then just go for it preworkout.

    i'm still a little skeptical about the preworkout boost thing. i really couldn't tell if it was working in that regard, could have been a placebo effect entirely. maybe we should organize some kind of double-blind test?

  7. thanks morfeind, good post, exactly what I was thinking. I will run it everyday, but take it pre workout on days I do workout.

  8. When i use it I am prob going to use everyday but thats just me


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