Best prohormone/ supplement companies??

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    Best prohormone/ supplement companies??

    Greetings, I'm in my 40's and have worked out religiously for years. I own both Llewellyn and Roberts books and have dabbled a bit in the OTC "prohormones" like Superdrol, halodrol, epistane, etc.

    I cannot find in any research where someone has put the OTC "prohormone" companies to the test. Specifically, is any one supplement companies product better than the other? More pure?? Is Superdrol just superdrol? halodrol=halodrol? havoc=havoc?, etc, etc.

    Just as an example, I have read where some people say something like, company "X" is crap, but then people rave about Spawn being great. So, is Myogenix a better brand???

    Does anyone have an opinion about these OTC companies or experience with a particular one?

  2. I'm going to say that Iforce Methadrol is hands down my favorite Superdrol clone. You can still find it out on some websites. For me, it takes 20mg of Methadrol to equal the effectiveness of 30mg of M-Drol by CEL with much less side effects. Feels so much cleaner. As for epi, I've used IBE Epistane and CEL E-Stane and would say both are equally effective. Revamp by APS was a very good Spawn clone. From what I've heard too APS makes other great stuff. Can't really vouch for much else at this point.

  3. it all depends on how much of the actual ingredient is being used. do supplement companies lie? o hell yeah. theyll cut products with rice flower and hide ingredients under "proprietary blend" so you actually dont know what you are getting, or how much. there are companies tho that seem to have an edge, probably because they are actually using the amount they say they are.

  4. companies ive used with excellent products:

    Performance Design (nutra's short run of designers)

  5. It comes down to both the raw materials sourced to make the products and the quality of the capsule production(does it actually contain what it's supposed to and the correct dose)
    Some clones are made from the exact same raws as the original, others are not...this is largely where inconsistency can come into play.

    It seems that some clones are more favored than others. As mentioned above with the SD/Methadrol being better than mdrol.

    Everyone has their favorite compounds and brands. Some based on preference, some are based on results.

    There is very loose regulation on dietary supplements. That's the main reason companies can get away with crappy products and miss-branding supplements. Some companies do independent testing on the raws that they get as part of their quality control and make this info public to consumers (primarily for marketing and brand reputation) others do not.

    Due to the cost of lab testing, it's not really conducive for a company nor 3rd party to test all of the clones to check for quality and consistency amongst different brands. Considering the fact that most PH/DS are now out of production, the only ones that will be doing any testing in the future is the FDA when they ban them.

    Is there a particular compound that you are interested in, or are you just looking for general thoughts?

  6. i always stick to CEL. they are simple, work well and have a lot of backing by users.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by justeat View Post
    i always stick to CEL. they are simple, work well and have a lot of backing by users.
    ...and you don't get raped on price.

  8. This thread is gettin shut down, but before it does, F#$k sup warehouse!
    Quote Originally Posted by madds87 View Post
    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....
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    Many thanks for the info. That was exactly what I was looking for . I want to make an informed purchase and the best way is to hear it from those who have had the experience in this area, thanks again

  10. I have had very noticeable results from both Anabolic technologies (xtreme and b.e.a.s.t. Product lines), and also with elite formulations, although elite only makes a few compounds. I will also give a friendly tip, NOW Foods makes a liver detoxifier and regenerater supplement that has a very solid formula for an excellent price.


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