What do you think of this stack?

  1. What do you think of this stack?

    I am getting ready to start my M1T/4ad stack here in just over a week, and was thinking of maybe adding some M4OHN to it, here is what it would look like:

    Week 1:10mg M1T/500mg 4derm
    Week 2:10-15mg M1T/500mg 4derm
    Week 3:10-15mg M1T/500mg 4derm
    Week 4:5mg M4OHN/500mg 4derm
    Week 5:5mg M4OHN/500mg 4derm
    PCT: 5 weeks Nolva:40/40/30/20/20, tribex 500 8 pills/day

    I was thinking this would be a pretty good stack, especially for strength, really pack on the weight with the M1T the first few weeks, and the M4OHN would continue to give more strength, probably not much in size gains, but would cut some bodyfat also. Would it be better just to run this 4 weeks with 2 of M1T and 2 of the M4OHN? I am starting my cycle May 3rd, and am really wanting to raise my bench from 330 to 350 by May 20. What do you all think of this stack?

  2. Looks solid Ive never used m4ohn so I dont know how it will effect you, if your comfortable with 5 weeks on methyls then its cool. Id get bloodwork done pre and post but I doubt you want to go through the hassle.

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