OK well before the ban a got a few goodies to run in the future....

I have 174 pills of a bold clone and was planning on doing 800mg/day for just over six weeks.

i want to stack this compound since i dont have enough to do a nice solo run and frankly cant get it anymore, and if i am correct in the classification this is a Type 1. based on the parent hormone they might convert too. type 1 binding to androgen receptors and type 2 does not....

I am thinking of stacking with an estra-4 @ 90mg/day for the last 4 weeks
this is a type 1 also if i remeber correctly

or adding in some SD at 10 mg/day and up to 20 mg/day for the 3 weeks, anything more than that with SD for me makes me feel like crap and sleep all day.
type 2 i believe.

the reason i am asking is because putting together a type 1 and 2 is better than a type 1 and 1 combo since how each class acts on the androgen receptors, somehting about being able to utilize more of each compound?!

my main goals will probally be strength and depending on bf at the time either a lean bulk or recomp.

Support supps will be used and PCT will most likely consist of Clomid, PP phyto test and some type of AI. and i have Letro to use on cyclle if any gyno starts up.

I think both these stacks would be effective and good for the goals i have.

What do you fellows think and why?
Anyone have personal experience stacking these?

oh and i also have some epi, epi/tren, epi/sd, and epi/lmg laying around to use if one of these would be a better option....