I'm a 35 yr old Cat II pro cyclist. Went to my doc to get some blood test and my T level was 216. He put me on a month's worth of Testim 1% to see if we can get my T level up. (I wonder if I screwed up my hormone system when I cycled on some S-Drol this past summer...that's when I noticed the non-existent libido.)

My doctor said nothing about an AI. Do I need to try and track one down? I've read elsewhere that most docs know nothing about AIs or don't care. Am I going to get my Estradiol levels out of wack? I don't even now the names of 'real' AIs either. Isn't Activate Extreme an AI? I've taken that before.

And, how is taking exogenous T going to get my own production of T started again? He said the Testim would "reset" my system? I don't get it.

Thanks for your help!