PCT legally

  1. PCT legally

    I know this is a hotly debated subject, and im aware that the best PCT is with nolva and/or clomid BUT..

    I cant get nolva here in canada (customs are bastards) so im left to natural means of kickstarting test post cycle.

    I will be starting a cycle of S1+ in a few weeks, diet and workouts in order, just worried about AE. This will also be my first cycle, so i will be testing the waters, starting at 2 1/2 squirts twice a day, and moving up if needed.

    I have E-Form, topical formastane, and have acess to basically any legal anti estrogen, but call me a cheap bastard, dont feel like spending 150$ on 6OXO.

    could you guys please rate these products and recommend the best stack
    also, should i take the E-Form with my cycle, or take it post? i know there have been conflicting reports about its suppresivness.. opinions are fine

    M by biotest


    estrodex - SAN

    Which one of these should i stack with ZMA and E-Form (if i take it PCT) post cycle? Also should i throw in a high dose of Trib as well?
    O yeah i will using satur8 post cyle as well


  2. 6-oxo is only $8 (US $) more than M on 1fast, is there something else I'm missing? For legal PCT, I'd go with 6-oxo over any of your other choices, and it will take 2 bottles. If you can't get a hold of 6-oxo, I'd definitely take the E-Form post cycle. It's slightly suppressive, but beats the other 3 options you've got listed hands down. FYI - nolva would be about 1/2 the price and more effective.

  3. O yeah, 6OXO is banned in canada too last time i checked. And starting in april everything going through customs labeled food supplement has to be cleared through health canada (thats what fed ex told me anyways when my package got held at the border)

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