Dermacrine Questions

  1. amtnz
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    Dermacrine Questions

    I'm actually quite interested in throwing Dermacrine into my current cycle (m1,4add bridged to epi)

    But before I decide to go ahead and fork out the money, I have a few questions.

    What benefits can I achieve exactly? I've read claims that it's comparable to test to an extent. How true is this?

    Also, what is the real difference between this particular DHEA and the other DHEA products. Is this really any different than the DHEA sold at GNC or other shops?

    Sorry if this might sound a little "newbish" but I'm very interested in incorporating this product into my cycle.


  2. purelife1
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    some say its comparable to 150mg of test....its worth the $$$ running it now with p-plex and tren..also running with paravol but in my 5th week and have never lost my libido..still waking up with chubbies every morning so not sure if its the paravol or dermacrine keeping sex drive persoanl advice grab it you will be dissapointed with oral dhea..

  3. amtnz
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    What exactly is the difference though? It's still DHEA, correct?
  4. purelife1
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    dermacrine has better absorbabilty rate...there is a good write up about it a few post below..the guys at PP know thier stuff

  5. i have to vouch for dermacrine also - def worth the money - last time i ran an anavar only cycle by week 2-3 my libido dropped morning wood was gone and had a hard time keepin it up for my girl

    this anavar only cycle with dermacrine (to simulate a test base) i am already on week 4 and libido is thru the roof still have mad crazy morning wood my girl is like wow im rock hard daily i cant get enough lol



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