Anyone get a massive increase in libido with anavar?

  1. Anyone get a massive increase in libido with anavar?

    Hi, I've been taking anavar 40 mg/day for the past 3 weeks and I was expecting to loose my libido, actually since my lady is pregnant I was hoping to lose it. The opposite has happened, for the past 10 years I was never horny enough to go at it more than twice in the same day...since about a week and a half I can easily go 5 times!...I would be able to go more but my girlfriend and myself are too irrtated :b. So I suppose my question is...can Var alone do this..or could there be other types of steroids mixed in my pills? Thanx
    P.S- notable increases in reps and weight + my girlfriend says I'm more irritable and showing some gains in size.

  2. i thought VAR was supposed to do the opposite but im interested to hear more from those that have experience as i am about to add VAR to my Clen cut 3 weeks VAR @ 75mg and Clen
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  3. yup happens with Var wood

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