Pains in chest area?

  1. Pains in chest area?

    Ok, this has been goin on for two or three days now and its starting to interfere with my sleep so I'm getting frustrated. About two inches below right pec and about 4 inches to the left of the crest" of the bottom on my sternum I'm having some pain, it only hurts when I take deep breaths and its strong enough to make me want to exhale quickly when I reach that point of pain. Any thoughts about this? I'm on cycle but my doses aren't extremely high its SD/xtren and the SD is gone from the picture now so I'm only on xtren currently. Its not a constant pulsing pain so I'm thinking I could have bruised a rib? But the only thing I can think of is that I must have slept on top of something and it bruised in b/c I haven't run into anything or dropped anything on myself at work or at the gym. Its a very centralized pain maybe a 2 sq. inch section.

    I've noticed no yellowing of my eyes or changes in bowel color and I don't really think this is related to my liver anyway. I'm just looking for some opinions.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    im on tren-x and p-plex and ive been having similar pains since Sat...mine is more in the left chest...thought it may be gas at first but ive taken numerous doses of gas medicine and nothing takes it away...if i try to sit up in bed and watch tv very difficult to breath and like u said must exhale quickly..was going to make a post to ask same question you did taking 90mg tren and 30mg p-plex..currently in my 5th week at these 2 doses...hoping to stay on with the p-plex til Sunday and then run the tren for an additional week

  3. Bump for opinions?

  4. pleuritis? symptoms tend to fit.
    it stands to reason these things can dry out our joints. why wouldnt they dry out the mucus membranes surrounding our organs? dont know the exact mechanism but hey its a thought.
    gotta consider intercostal muscle strains, as well as inflammation of the rib/cartilage junction...from the increased strength we get.
    livers can "hurt" with hepatitis, but its more vague and not quite like how you're describing.
    i say just grab some motrin and see how it goes.
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    motrin doesnt help...its under rib cage..def have a lot of dried out pains as u described in my knees and elbows but advil helps those..nothing helps this

  6. It's not any pain from drying of joints as the advil stops the elbow and knees.

    It could be normal but how long had the pain persisted? I started having similar pains a year ago and it never progresses or got better.

    Mine only hurts when I try to stretch my chest out and squeeze. Holding my breath for a minutw usually kills the pain for an hour or so.

    Everytime I flex my chest outward and pull shoulders back, I hear a loud "crack".

  7. ^^i get that sometimes, and i chalk it up to a bone/cartilage junction event. i wish i knew exactly.
    i think these guys have something deeper, like lung lining. i cant imagine its "dangerous" for their health. and a few doses of some advil wont work if its pleurisy, that takes weeks of prescription strength NSAIDS to fix.
    heal up guys! wish i had a better idea.
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    i thinks its something related to the tren... can live with it (i hope)....just sometimes feels like im having a heart attack but its only in left side..i did have a mitral valve prolapse as a kid but i was sure i out grew it..possibly tren has agrivated it..who knows..going to try to hold on for rest of cycle..worst case scenerio i stop early

  9. It feels like the pain is a little less intense than the previous days but still its at maybe 80% of original pain. I'll try some Motrin, although I don't usually like to take meds. Thanks for the input guys ill rep u for sure next time um on the comp and not the good ol' Droid


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