Tiratricol Pulled :(

  1. Tiratricol Pulled :(

    For those who did not know, I have been selling tiratricol for a while (since the original Triax). There was enough legal ambiguity that I could legally do it. That is no longer the case. It is classified as an "investigational new drug" and as such cannot be legally sold as a dietary supplement. I have been *asked* by the FDA to stop all sales. Anyhow, I want to unload as much of it as possible before April 30th. Big Pete has used the Thyro Activator, so he can give you an unbiased review, and Custom makes the TriMax and has a lab report to back it up.

    As a thanks to all my AM bros, there is an additional coupon. Enter "minds" (lower case, no quotes) at cehckout in the coupon box.

    Tiratricol - TriMax and Thyro Activator



  2. it was labeled a investigative new drug a long time ago whne syntrax took the fda to court this isnt news..just amazing they took this long to catchup with you...custom's tri-max is amazing cannot really impose hpw impressed i was with it..

  3. Custom - You still going to sell yours?

  4. Yes sir. Until, at least they give me a call as well.

    Seeing as how Huge sells my line, though, I have bad feeling I will be getting that call very soon.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    Yes sir.

  6. Just change your name to NotCustom


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