8th day of HALO and NOTHING!?!?

  1. 8th day of HALO and NOTHING!?!?

    Today was my 8th day of 20mg/day of Halo and I think I got some under dosed bunk. I hear that most users get an immediate boost in aggression and training. Is it possible to be a non responder to halo? Should I bump it up to 30mg/day? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. definitely sounds like garbage. intensity in the gym and strength should be up within days

  3. Are you talking about epi? I thought hdrol was known as halo

  4. Halotestin......the steroid

  5. what company r u using ?

  6. Definitely should be feeling it by now...sounds like you got some fake ****.

  7. 20mg is a low dose in my opinion. I'd bump it to 40mg to see if it's bunk or not. Or better yet, send it my way and I'll tell you if it is or isn't.

  8. My supplier has just got some halotestin in. I need to do some more reading on it but I hear the strength gain are out of this world from it. I just need to weigh up the benefits vs sides in taking it. Good luck man.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by polskishelby View Post
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    Strong bump


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