1,4 andro name vs Boldione

  1. Cool 1,4 andro name vs Boldione

    Hey all, I was researching online and found some 1,4andro from 1Fast and found the reviews to be all wicked! 10lbs in 4 weeks ect...but I found most 1,4andro (Boldione) reviews to be total crap so my question is are all 1,4 andros the same or are some better?? Anyone have any experience??

  2. Same but boldione uses a slightly different delivery method. Then recently 1fast added the diol version.

  3. So it would be fine to stock up on Boldione rather then the 1Fast? Both would be dione.

  4. Why 1fast has it for cheaper. Unless you tried and know boldione is good on you.

    And why stock up on the non-methylated stuff?

  5. I hear a lot of good things about 1,4andro. Not so good user reviews on the 1,4diol thus far.

  6. I thought it was noticed that 1,4 andro was not on the list in the legislation? If not, why stick up?

  7. I think the differences in results may ultimately be due to the difference in mg's used.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by size
    I think the differences in results may ultimately be due to the difference in mg's used.
    Ya I agree I have seen a lot of people running 300mgs for 2 weeks thinking it was going to be effective. I just do not think that is realistic.
  9. Unhappy

    I'm pretty sure the FDA is going to be cracking down on every prohormone so I believe 1,4 andro would be on thier list regardless. For some reason 1Fast has been out of stock for awhile.


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