Lean mass cycle

  1. Lean mass cycle

    Hi guys !
    I'm preparing a cycle for lean mass and i need advices...
    So i want to do 8-10 weeks of sust250 with an another AAS but i don't know what choose.

    Week1-10 : Sust250 - 1ml every 3 days (500mg /6days so ~600mg/s)
    I don't want to stack it with a supressive AAS like deca or Eq so what i can choose ? winny ? turinabol? I know winny is bad for joints so i don't want to stack it...

    Thanks to help me ! see u later

  2. dont know where u hear EQ was "suppressive", but its one of the mild compounds......tren and deca are the more suppresive ones. but EQ should be run 14+ weeks for full benefits.

    u can choose just about any oral to throw in there, diet will decide desired results

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